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The CSC Mission:

Canyon Springs Consulting exists to help leaders and teams create meaningful, lasting change in their work and in their lives, by offering in-depth guidance that is customized specifically to the unique needs of each client.

My Background:

I arrived at my current profession with a strong and varied background in small business, nonprofit work, behavioral health, and outdoor education. I earned a MA in Applied Behavioral Science from the Leadership Institute of Seattle , and a BA in Counseling Psychology from Prescott College .My credentials also include certification as a Certified Retreat Coach .

When I'm not working (and even when I am!), I am the happiest mom to our young sons Henry and Robin. Owning and managing a small farm with my husband also fills my days with joy and countless life lessons, as we care for over 50 animals and a variety of plants, manage nearly 20 farm workers every year, and sell lamb, eggs, produce, and other farm goods at the Bella Coola Farmers Market.

We are so fortunate to live in the beautiful coastal valley of Bella Coola, British Columbia , in Canada.

You can also find out more about me on my partner website, the Retreat Coach Network. And, join my mailing list , which will give you periodic updates of my retreats, teleclasses, and travels.


I serve leaders and teams who are striving for excellence in their organizations, greater productivity, and healthy working relationships. Here is a partial list of my clients:

  • ASAP Accounting and Payroll Services, Inc., Telluride, Colorado
  • Barbara Hicks Accounting, Moab, Utah
  • Bella Coola Community Support Society, British Columbia
  • Bella Coola General Hospital, British Columbia
  • Bella Coola Harbour Authority, British Columbia
  • Bella Coola Valley Learning Society, British Columbia
  • Bella Coola Valley Sustainable Agriculture Society, British Columbia
  • British Columbia Healthy Living Alliance, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Canyon Nursery/Exquisite Container Gardens, Castle Valley, Utah
  • Canyonlands Field Institute, Moab, Utah
  • Central Coast Regional District, British Columbia
  • Durango Women's Resource Center, Durango, Colorado
  • Eastern Utah Community Credit Union , Moab, Utah
  • Four Corners Behavioral Health, Inc., Moab , Utah
  • Fruita Chamber of Commerce, Fruita, Colorado
  • Global Expeditions, Inc., Bozeman, Montana
  • Grand County Comprehensive Prevention Advisory Group, Utah
  • Grand County Public Library, Utah
  • Grand County School District, Utah
  • Grand County 21 st Century Community Learning Center, Utah
  • Hot Tomato Café, Fruita, Colorado
  • Humane Society of Moab Valley, Utah
  • MARC II aka Ruby's, Utah
  • Marine Planning Partnership (MaPP), British Columbia
  • Mesa County Public Library, Grand Junction , Colorado
  • Moab Arts Council, Utah
  • Moab Property Management, Utah
  • Moonflower Market, Inc., Utah
  • Nuxalk Nation, Bella Coola, British Columbia
  • OKOKOK Productions, Moab, Utah
  • Outward Bound Wilderness, Utah and Colorado
  • Rocky Mountain Center for Health Promotion and Education, Lakewood, CO
  • School District #49, Central Coast, British Columbia
  • Southeastern Utah Tamarisk Partnership, Moab , Utah
  • Star Point Consulting, Inc., Price, Utah
  • The Tamarisk Coalition, Grand Junction, Colorado
  • Tom Till Gallery, Moab , Utah
  • Utah Department of Health, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Utah Department of Workforce Services, Moab, Utah
  • Utah State Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands, Moab, Utah
  • WabiSabi Nonprofit Thriftique, Moab, Utah
  • Western Spirit Cycling, Moab, Utah
  • Wildland Scapes, LLC, Moab, Utah
  • Youth Garden Project, Moab, Utah work"> ?  

Alison Kennedy Sayers
Owner of
Canyon Springs Consulting


“Alison facilitated our management team year-end debrief and planning. We walked away with numerous ideas on guidelines and structure for future meetings, and increased awareness of interpersonal communication…we all learned new skills and developed more self-confidence in approaching other managers and our employees with difficult issues.”

- Trevor H.
Executive Assistant
Global Expeditions, Inc.

"The work of Alison Kennedy-Sayers proved invaluable to our organization.  Her thoughtful processes guided us towards greater clarity and organizational insight...just what we were looking for.  In addition, her training better prepared us to handle change, conflict, and growth as individuals and an organization.  We were able to work out difficult answers, but more importantly, we better know how to phrase the important questions.  She is a master of her art."      

- Bruce Hucko
Chair , Moab Arts Council




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