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I specialize in 1:1 coaching of executive & mid-level managers of small businesses, nonprofits, & community and government agencies; and owners of sole proprietorships . The executive coaching relationship is based on the goals of the client, the insights of both client and coach, and at times the goals of the client's supervisor(s). Executive coaching helps executives and managers be more effective leaders of their teams, which can decrease turnover , improve team morale , and inspire greater productivity and synergy . It helps sole proprietors stay focused on the development and growth of their business and themselves as visionaries and self-promoters.

I also specialize in 1:2 coaching of executive directors and board presidents . The quality of the board/director relationship can make or break the success of a nonprofit organization. Coaching together with me will help you build on the strength of your partnership and contribute significantly to the health and success of your organization.

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Experiential, interactive, results-focused training is very helpful for identifying and working with many workplace issues. Here is a partial list of workshops that I offer, which are fully customizable and can be combined to create the perfect training package for the needs of your group or team:

Leadership & Management

  • Learn the fundamentals of effective leadership
  • Broaden your style and strengths as a manager
  • Practice effective decision-making
  • Leverage the risks and benefits of the management structure of your company
  • Increase initiative, alignment, and accountability throughout your organization

Conflict Resolution

  • Identify the dynamics that contribute to conflict in the workplace
  • Understand your primary default modes of dealing with conflict
  • Learn and appropriately apply all the modes of dealing with conflict
  • Differentiate between problems that can be solved and chronic conflicts that must be managed
  • Handle group and individual conflicts effectively

Communication Skills

  • Apply appropriate communication styles to any workplace situation
  • Minimize misunderstandings
  • Confront difficult employees with confidence
  • Manage challenging conversations with ease
  • Effectively give and receive positive and negative feedback
  • Foster open, honest, and healthy communication

Managing Change

  • Understand the nature and principles of the change process
  • Strengthen your ability to handle change
  • Deal with resistance to change at all levels of your organization
  • Increase your own resilience and the resilience of your team
  • Improve your success with change-related projects

Facilitating Productive Meetings

  • Learn basic meeting preparation skills
  • Practice excellent facilitator behavior
  • Identify and avoid common pitfalls of facilitation
  • Prepare yourself to deal with difficult meeting situations
  • Improve your facilitators toolbox in order to further develop your signature facilitation style

Mission , Vision, and Strategic Planning

  • Learn the difference between mission and vision statements
  • Develop skills for building an effective plan on a solid foundation
  • Apply sustainable planning practices to plans that will guide you for many years
  • Leverage your plan to help create organizational alignment and motivate staff and/or board members
  • Identify critical aspects of your organization that should be included in your plan, including a focus on environmental sustainability

Stress Management for Leaders

  • Learn the importance of stress management for effective leadership
  • Understand and practice basic stress management tools
  • Recognize the signs of burnout and learn how to avoid it
  • Develop a stress management plan for yourself and/or your workplace
  • Examine the heart of your own stress and find the courage to make changes that protect your own health and well-being

Embracing Diversity in the Workplace

  • Learn how to view workplace conflicts through the lens of diversity issues
  • Understand the experiences of both marginalized and central team members
  • Identify and practice methods for facilitating workplace discussions about diversity issues
  • Examine diversity from the larger perspective of your community and our world
  • Incorporate tools for embracing diversity into your work and your life

Leading Focus Groups

  • Recognize situations when focus groups would be helpful to the work of your business or organization
  • Learn the special skills of moderating focus groups
  • Create questions for focus groups
  • Learn methods for analysis and reporting of focus group data
  • Understand how to approach focus group work with specific populations such as youth, and community organizations


You can connect with people, learn new skills, and be environmentally responsible all at the same time! Sign up for a teleclass , attend a virtual retreat , or hire me for personalized phone coaching . It saves you time and money, and is so much more environmentally responsible than getting in your car or on a plane!

Here are two upcoming teleclass series. See the descriptions above for topics covered. To register or for more information, click here . Each series is 8 hours, and each class is 11-12 a.m., EST, or 8-9 p.m., EST, on Wednesdays. You may register for either the daytime or evening sessions.

2011 Managers Tele-Training Series A


NEW!!!: Add 4 monthly individual coaching sessions to this series for only $200!!

January 12 & 26: Leadership and Management

February 9 & 23: Conflict Resolution for Leaders and Teams

March 9 & 23: Communication Skills for the Workplace

April 6 & 20: Managing Change in the Workplace

2011 Managers Tele-Training Series B


NEW!!!: Add 4 monthly individual coaching sessions to this series for only $200!!

August 10 & 24: Facilitating Productive Meetings

September 7 & 21: Mission, Vision, and Strategic Planning

October 5 & 19: Stress Management for Leaders

November 2 & 16: Embracing Diversity in the Workplace


Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. When it cannot be managed or resolved by those involved, I can help. I am an exceptionally solid, well-trained, and compassionate mediator with extensive dyad and group mediation experience in for-profit and non-profit settings.

Mediation is a process by which the mediator helps those in conflict find their own solutions. Mediation can help you:

•  preserve important relationships,

•  avoid expensive legal battles, and

•  create sustainable resolutions.

My mediation sessions occur in-person or by phone in a safe, confidential, and controlled setting.

Email Alison today to begin resolving your conflicts now.



– In-Person and Phone Conference

My knowledge, experience, and dynamic facilitation will help keep your group engaged and inspired . Whether you hire me for a one-time, annual, quarterly, monthly, or weekly meeting, I will keep the meeting on track and productive.

I facilitate:

  • Strategic planning meetings
  • Board and staff retreats
  • Change management projects
  • Monthly meetings for community partnerships, coalitions, and small businesses

….. and much more!!



At certain times in the life of a business or organization, in-depth, comprehensive help is just the thing needed to get leaders and teams back on track and moving forward in a better way. Whether you are in a crisis, or want to avoid one , contact me for customized, in-depth, consulting. I specialize in:

  • Assisting nonprofits with leadership and fundraising dilemmas
  • Helping coalitions maximize their resources
  • Guiding small businesses and organizations through significant cultural changes
  • Increasing accountability and communication throughout an organization
  • Reducing stress among managers and top leaders
  • Improving customer service
  • Understanding and improving team dynamics
  • Reducing staff turnover
  • Improving leadership and management skills
  • Streamlining systems and processes
  • Restructuring and clarifying roles and responsibilities


“I knew how I wanted things to be in my business, but I didn't have the time, energy, or know-how to make the changes. Alison helped us set goals and develop a strategy to reach them. Our work together clarified responsibilities, fostered teamwork, and created open and frank communication. Alison has an ever-present ease and grace with people when the going gets challenging.”

- Shirley O'Kelly, Owner, Moab Property Management

"Alison has been invaluable in guiding our Board of Trustees in planning for and addressing challenges and opportunities for our outdoor education organization. Her approach is both inspirational and practical. Alison is a very good listener; she is candid yet tactful, and is supportive in helping our group to reach decisions that work for CFI. She is also remarkably effective in synthesizing group discussion. She is committed to organizational follow-through as well as evaluation of the process and of her services."

- Karla VanderZanden, President/Director, Canyonlands Field Institute

“Alison did an excellent job facilitating our first-ever retreat. We had a very productive session and made good progress in setting goals and defining the mission of the Chamber”.

- Ken H., Board member, Fruita Chamber of Commerce

“Since I have begun working with Alison, I am viewing life with more enthusiasm. Alison is fully engaged with me: she listens, and provides me with clarity and empowerment about my personal and professional life. I am better able to achieve my goals, and I have new courage to take on difficult challenges and know that the decisions I'm making are intelligent ones based on the facts and not just my emotions. I feel inspired, energized, and focused. I look forward to many more sessions, as I grow and reach for my exciting vision of my future!”

- Laurie G., manager

“Progressive management workshops from Canyon Springs Consulting are a must for everyone who works with clients, customers, and/or employees. Alison trained the management team of our small oil and gas consulting group the polished skills of effective communication, employee relations and client interaction. A workshop with Alison should be a requirement for everyone.”

- Don Hamilton, business owner, Moab , Utah

“The mediation work we did with Alison enabled us to break through the barriers that were limiting our ability to evolve and succeed. We now understand the value of positive, constructive communication and how essential it is for the health of our organization.”

- Sarah Bauman,
Co-Founder/Board Treasurer, WabiSabi Nonprofit Thriftique

“Alison's successful facilitation of our monthly meeting has enabled each member organization and individual to have a voice. She has brought us together in a way that supports each organization as well as the group as a whole. More importantly, the process is engaging and fun. It is my favorite meeting, and I go to many meetings each month!”

- Member, Grand County Comprehensive Prevention Advisory Group, UT