Experiential, interactive, results-focused training is very helpful for identifying and working with many workplace issues. Here is a partial list of workshops that I offer, which are fully customizable and can be combined to create the perfect training package for the needs of your group or team:

Leadership & Management

  • Learn the fundamentals of effective leadership
  • Broaden your style and strengths as a manager
  • Practice effective decision-making
  • Leverage the risks and benefits of the management structure of your company
  • Increase initiative, alignment, and accountability throughout your organization

Conflict Resolution

  • Identify the dynamics that contribute to conflict in the workplace
  • Understand your primary default modes of dealing with conflict
  • Learn and appropriately apply all the modes of dealing with conflict
  • Differentiate between problems that can be solved and chronic conflicts that must be managed
  • Handle group and individual conflicts effectively

Communication Skills

  • Apply appropriate communication styles to any workplace situation
  • Minimize misunderstandings
  • Confront difficult employees with confidence
  • Manage challenging conversations with ease
  • Effectively give and receive positive and negative feedback
  • Foster open, honest, and healthy communication

Managing Change

  • Understand the nature and principles of the change process
  • Strengthen your ability to handle change
  • Deal with resistance to change at all levels of your organization
  • Increase your own resilience and the resilience of your team
  • Improve your success with change-related projects

Facilitating Productive Meetings

  • Learn basic meeting preparation skills
  • Practice excellent facilitator behavior
  • Identify and avoid common pitfalls of facilitation
  • Prepare yourself to deal with difficult meeting situations
  • Improve your facilitators toolbox in order to further develop your signature facilitation style

Mission , Vision, and Strategic Planning

  • Learn the difference between mission and vision statements
  • Develop skills for building an effective plan on a solid foundation
  • Apply sustainable planning practices to plans that will guide you for many years
  • Leverage your plan to help create organizational alignment and motivate staff and/or board members
  • Identify critical aspects of your organization that should be included in your plan, including a focus on environmental sustainability

Stress Management for Leaders

  • Learn the importance of stress management for effective leadership
  • Understand and practice basic stress management tools
  • Recognize the signs of burnout and learn how to avoid it
  • Develop a stress management plan for yourself and/or your workplace
  • Examine the heart of your own stress and find the courage to make changes that protect your own health and well-being

Embracing Diversity in the Workplace

  • Learn how to view workplace conflicts through the lens of diversity issues
  • Understand the experiences of both marginalized and central team members
  • Identify and practice methods for facilitating workplace discussions about diversity issues
  • Examine diversity from the larger perspective of your community and our world
  • Incorporate tools for embracing diversity into your work and your life

Leading Focus Groups

  • Recognize situations when focus groups would be helpful to the work of your business or organization
  • Learn the special skills of moderating focus groups
  • Create questions for focus groups
  • Learn methods for analysis and reporting of focus group data
  • Understand how to approach focus group work with specific populations such as youth, and community organizations


“Progressive management workshops from Canyon Springs Consulting are a must for everyone who works with clients, customers, and/or employees.  Alison trained the management team of our small oil and gas consulting group the polished skills of effective communication, employee relations and client interaction.  A workshop with Alison should be a requirement for everyone.”

Don Hamilton, business owner, Moab, Utah